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All our models of catsuits, pullovers and other accessories can be ordered in mohair wool,
Island wool, lamb wool, normal wool and extra scratchy wool or mixtures of the different wool types.

Variants in 2-ply to 20-ply style!!!

Curious? But you haven’t found anything you like? No problem, do you have any photos of other
materials corresponding with your ideas and imagination?
Also fetish or bondage, just go ahead and send us a photo by e-mail or postal mail. We will be pleased to
submit you an estimate and offer for the different yarns.

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Woolmonsters starting from €180

Catsuits starting from €250

Knitted trousers starting from €75


Pullover variants starting from €99

Combinations starting from €169

Dresses starting from € 99




Suites starting from € 199

Monster Turtle Neck starting from €139

Fleece-lined jackets starting
from €99




Cardigans starting from

Hood variants starting from €39

Punk caps starting from


Collars, shoulder yokes starting from €49

Balaclavas starting from €29

Legwarmers starting from
€ 25

Sleeping bags starting from €250

Maybe you can find something at 


Product overview

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