Here you see a selection of our knitted catsuits:

There are not limits to your imagination, except technical feasibility.

We offer catsuits with or without attached balaclavas, gloves and socks.

Our catsuits can also be knitted as woolmonsters, normally in 10-ply style. However, any other number up to 20 plies is also possible. Please compare in our section Woolmonsters and below.

Variants in 2-ply to 20-ply style
Starting from €250
Free shipping for orders over €150 within Germany and Austria

Here you see a 2-ply catsuit.

Catsuits can be manufactured with different zipper variants.

Here you see a catsuit with a zipper starting under the turtle neck and going from the back to the bellybutton in the front.

Advantage: no disturbing zipping on the chest and yet everything is possible ;-)

Disadvantage: You have to be quite agile to get in there since the zipper ends under the roll neck. You may need somebody to help you get dressed. However, the catsuit can also be manufactured with a zipper ending on the upper edge of the turtle neck.


Below on the left, you see a 10-ply catsuit with a zipper in the front ending at the crotch or at the waist in the back.

On the right, you see the back view of an overall with a zipper on the back.

Normally, the zipper goes from the collar to the navel - either through the collar or starting under the turtle neck (as shown on the photo).

There is a continuous tape inside to prevent the zipper from lying directly on the skin.

Catsuits / Overalls

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