Sleeping bags are made according to your personal and individual wishes.

Starting from €250

Have a look at this experience report of a happy customer:

The monster sleeping bag, made of 10-ply Indian carpet wool, is waiting for its next

· Will the next user be able to cope with the scratchy wool?
· Will he or she stand the upcoming heat?


Whatever may happen, he has no chance to liberate himself. The tight sleeves are
stitched down and prevent almost any movement. Once the bag has been closed, there
is no way back or out.

He shall not be able to use the remaining freedom of his hands to touch himself
for example. He shall also be prevented from jumping around in the the apartment.
For this purpose, the zipper can be separated at both ends allowing for a rope
bound to the wrist to be comfortably led outside. Now, after closing the bag,
the ends of the rope can easily be fixed to the bedsides for example.

The scratchy prison slowly closes itself and he becomes aware of what he has
involved with. In a moment, it will be too late... He wonders whether he really
deserves this pleasure!
But now it’s too late, the bag is closed and there is no more escape.

’If only a had a hand free to scratch myself... Oh no! My nose itches...
And it’s getting pretty warm in here.’

Oh yes, he is really smart! He is trying to keep himself still in order not to sweat and
not to feel the scratching of the wool on the skin too intensely!

There is a zipper at the feet for this special case: Just tickle him a little bit and he
wriggles inside the bag ;-) and the rubbing brings a pleasant heat inside ;-)

And if that’s still not enough for him, there is another zipper above his...
...I’m sure sure you know what were are talking about... ;)

It’s up to your imagination what may happen then...

This is the report of a customer: Luckys-Pullover does not assume any
responsibility in case of any accidents when imitating this report.

Sleeping bags

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