Sleeping bags are made according to your individual and personal wishes.

The number of plies can vary from 2 to 20 whereas each ply can have a different color.
The pattern and color can be selected as you like. Click here for the color overview.

Starting from € 250, variant in 10-ply style
Prices for small and thin sleeping bags on request
Price per kilo:
- total weight up to 3 kilos:€ 80 per kilo
with more than 3 kilos: € 75 per kilo
Variants in 2-ply to 20-ply style
Free shipping for orders over €150 within Germany and Austria

Basic model:
Each sleeping bag can be manufactured with or without a zipper.
Below you see a 10-ply sleeping bag with zippers on both sides to make the packing
much easier.

Here is a list of ‘extras’ which can be ordered:

Variants in 2-ply to 20-ply style, attached or not, with or without holes.
These holes can be provided with additional zippers.
Prices:  see Balaclavas,

Integrated sleeves inside:
Variants in 2-ply to 20-ply style, open or closed in the front.
2-ply variant as shown on


Additional zippers ;-)
If you want, we can integrate additional zippers in any length and at any spot of the
sleeping bag: €5 for each zipper (length: up to 30 cm), €10 for each zipper
(length: up to 70 cm), €15 for each zipper (length: up to 110 cm). Zippers longer than
110 cm are made on request.

Here you find the experience report of a happy customer:

Measurement form to order a sleeping bag:

The measurement details and the variant in the form below correspond with the 10-ply
sleeping bag above

Made for a height from 1.75m to 1.80m and approx. 75 to 90 kilos.

There is now a 10-ply Sleepingbag for sell at - Woolmonster

Sleeping bags

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